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Professional Development

Last Updated: 4/17/2017

Child Care Links has a library of FREE Professional Development Training Series provided by the CAPPA Children’s Foundation.

Choose from 12 different topics under 4 different Professional Development Series. Connect with subject-matter experts who can assist in providing you with the tools to reach and influence the individual children and families you serve. A new topic is released each month and comes with a PowerPoint Presentation and audio file, so Professional Development can be provided any time at your own Child Care Facility.

Trainings are available on loan for a period of 2 weeks. Choose one of the topics listed below and contact Child Care Links to schedule a time to pick it up.

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CAPPA Children’s Foundation
Professional Development Series

2014 SERIES: Center Based Webinars

1.   Building Young Children’s Self-Esteem (Jan)
2.   Supporting Young Children in STEM Learning (Feb)
3.   Fun Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom (Mar)
4.   The ABC’s of Advocacy in Early Education (Apr)
5.   Re-Engaging Your Passion (May)
6.   Understanding the Effects of Trauma on Children & Assisting Them to Heal
7.   Meeting the Diverse Needs of Young Children (Jul)
8.   Simple Ways to Incorporate Parents and the Community into the
      Curriculum. (Aug)
9.   Transition to Kindergarten: School Readiness Tools for Early Childhood
      Teachers (Sep)
10. Sensory Play for the Messy Intolerant (Oct)
11. Discipline in the Classroom (Nov)
12. Leadership in Today’s World of ECE - Are We Managing or Leading? (Dec)

2015 SERIES: Center Based Webinars

1.   Building a Caring and Compassionate Culture (Jan)
2.   Conflict Resolution in the Preschool Classroom (Feb)
3.   Building Positive Relationships wit Children and Families (Mar)
4.   Stress is a Priority (Apr)
5.   Observation and Assessment – Tools Not Documents (May)
6.   Emotional Literacy and Diversity (Jun)
7.   Anger Management and Diversity (Jul)
8.   Disaster Preparedness for Child Care Centers (Aug)
9.   Seeds to Seedlings – Incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering and
      Math (STEM) into Everyday Practice (Sep)
10. Teach Beginning Reading Skills and Meet Standards Through Play (Oct)
11. Preparing Planned physical Activities for Children (Nov)
12. Challenging Behavior in Young Children (Dec)

2016 SERIES: Child Development Webinar Series

1.   Avoiding Stress – A Strength Based Approach (Jan)
2.   The Importance of Staff Recognition and Boosting Morale (Feb)
3.   Control the Environment, Not the Child (Mar)
4.   Playing with Read Alouds Through STEM and STEAM Explorations! (Apr)
5.   Supporting Parents Who Were Not Parented Well (May)
6.   Social Emotional Development – Redirecting Challenging Behavior (Jun)
7.   Transform Your Classroom: Preparing the Indoor and Outdoor
      Environment (Jul)
8.   Number Sense and Operations: Mathematize Everyday Experiences (Aug)
9.   Catch Bullying Behavior Before it Begins (Sep)
10. N/A (Oct)
11. Self-Regulation & Social-Emotional Development in the Classroom
      Environment (Nov)
12. Nutrition Education for Children: Connecting Children to the Food They Eat

2017 SERIES: Early Learning & Child Care Webinar Series

1.   Fifteen Strategies to Support Preschool Children’s Understanding of Spatial
      Awareness (Jan)
2.   Using Visual Tools to Support Classroom Procedures, Rules and Routines



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